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sūsa Oil Cooler Adapter for LS motors, 180ºF t-stat

Part No. 18-TOTLS-22
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Current Price $178.50

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With the potential for fantastic performance to be dropped into virtually any project, its easy to see why few crate motors have inspired and empowered the builder community like the prolific LS family of modern American V-8 motors from GM.

The sūsa HyperFlow LS Oil Cooler Adapter is a natural match for LS-based projects that deserve a cooling solution commensurate with the investment of time and effort they took to build.

Machined from billet aluminum and anodized in a sleek titanium finish, the sūsa HyperFlow LS Oil Cooler Adapter is a reliable, high-performing solution to install a cooler on LS-powered platforms. The unique design of the hardy self-contained thermostatic oil valve ensures oil rises to operating temperature quickly before sending the full flow onwards to an external oil cooler (sold separately).

Shown with sūsa ProLine AN Adapter Fittings & Reusable Hose Ends (sold separately). 

Includes sūsa ProLine M22 ports for easy installation of adapter fittings or sūsa ProLine direct-port hose ends for plumbing an oil cooler and dual 1/8" NPT plugs for gauges and turbo/supercharger oil supply (plumbing diagram included in instructions). Oil passageways are machined for high flow characteristics.

  • Setrab ProLine M22 ports for plumbing versatility with ProLine fitting system
  • Self-contained thermostatic oil valve with pressure-relief function
  • Lightweight billet aluminum construction with durable anodized finish
  • O-rings included

Built to perform from street to track, the sūsa HyperFlow LS Oil Cooler Adapter provides easy access for performance plumbing needs. Designed for performance, reliability, and integration with the sūsa ProLine adapter fitting system.

Installation Instructions

Description Part Number
Fitting ports Add'l ports Thermostat
ProLine M22x1.5 1/8" NPT 180 ºF 18-TOTLS-22