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What sets Setrab apart from the competition?

You will not find an oil cooler that offers the combination of durability, performance, and flow of the Setrab Oil Cooler at any price. It is this combination that has allowed Setrab to remain the choice of TOP teams and builders across all venues of motorsport.

Brazing Technology

Generations ago Setrab was already at the forefront of brazing research and development. The variable most often overlooked when considering performance of an oil cooler, continued brazing research and development have allowed Setrab to remain the leader in performance and reliability. When competitors are brazing aluminum oil coolers merely as a method of construction, Setrab's blend of experienced craftsmen and technological methodology allow this step to afford an even greater performance advantage.

Dimensional Flexibility

Setrab employs precise tooling in more sizes than any other manufacturer to allow more height/width combinations than any competitor. Most times you will find the perfect size for your application is a stock item insuring immediate availability.

Internal Design

Setrab Oil Coolers employ an in-line turbulator to gently stir the fluid being cooled thereby insuring that the fluid has exposure to the entire internal surface area of the oil cooler with the least pressure lost. Pioneers of efficient turbulator design, Setrab turbulators are fully brazed to the entire internal length of the tube resulting in "zero" heat transfer barrier and high strength.

Fin Design

The fin is the most considered and most visible cooling portion of any oil cooler and the Setrab fin does not disappoint. Made in-house to our exacting standards the Setrab fin not only contributes to cooler performance but durability as well. Setrab fins are fully brazed, resulting in "zero" heat transfer barrier. Each fin section employs precise mini-louvers to further the effectiveness of the air as it travels across the cooler.

ProLine Ports

Often the victim of imitation, Setrab's pioneering efforts in developing the Setrab ProLine high performance universal port has not been the exception. While competitors now imitate this design to allow greater flexibility in inventories, their efforts lose focus of the original ProLine concept...a better connection. The Setrab ProLine connections offer a lower profile and benefit from our extensive design acumen and flow research to ensure the greatest possible sealing integrity and fluid transfer characteristics.


Extensive product development and testing have afforded a very simple yet robust solution for mounting Setrab ProLine Oil Coolers. The ProLine mounting bracket fitment range offers advantages to the fabricator and stockist alike.