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Setrab ProLine STD Fanpacks

Part No. FP113M22I
Original Price $331.80
Current Price $282.03

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Setrab ProLine Fanpacks combine the already high-performing and versatile heat exchange characteristics of the range of Setrab ProLine oil coolers with high-volume, low-profile fans and robust fan shrouds to create a cooling package that is unparalleled in performance, versatility, and ease of installation.

The purpose of the fan-assisted oil cooler is to maximize the already superior characteristics of the Setrab radiator core; Allowing for placement of a unit in a spot where it may otherwise be difficult to get airflow to and/or from. Thus, the fan does not increase the overall performance of the cooler, it simply allows it to perform like it would in a more optimal environment. 

Setrab ProLine oil coolers feature M22 female ports, adaptable to virtually any size using SUSA ProLine Adapter Fittings.