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Setrab ProLine STD Oil Coolers - 6-series

Part No. 50-607-7612
Original Price $171.15
Current Price $145.48

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The 6-series Setrab ProLine STD oil cooler is the 235 matrix, wide width offering in our standard range of oil radiators.

Choose from 10 different heights to find the best fit for your unique system.

Setrab ProLine oil coolers feature M22 female ports, adaptable to virtually any size using SUSA ProLine Adapter Fittings.


Superior cooling capacity in a variety of sizes! 

Setrab ProLine STD range oil coolers are the most flexible high-performance oil coolers on the market. The ProLine STD series integrates low-profile 22mm female ports for adaptability to any system using ProLine adapter fittings.

The stacked-plate style of Setrab's STD range offers the advantage of many height possibilities within the various series' widths. In addition, this technique coupled with state-of-the-art brazing technology makes for a durable, highly-efficient, and beautifully simplistic design that is often imitated but never replicated.