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Replacement Filter Element for 11-RU77

Part No. SCP-RU69E
Original Price $55.00
Current Price $46.75

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This stainless steel filter element is a direct replacement for the factory element in the 11-RU77 HyperFlow oil filter.

Though the original oil filter element is rated for lifetime use, sometimes unforeseen circumstances may damage components in your oiling system. For this event and/or in the case you would wish to quick swap filter elements, we make the component.

Fitment includes:

  • 11-RU77-13
  •  11-RU77-20
  • 11-RU77-22
  • 11-RU77-34
  • 11-RU77-13-B
  • 11-RU77-20-B
  • 11-RU77-34-B