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Setrab ProLine Fanpack - FP980M22I-4P with Series 9, 80 row 4-pass Oil Cooler

Part No. FP980M22I-4P
Original Price $1,669.50
Current Price $1,419.08

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The FP980M22I-4P was designed from the ground-up to offer the ultimate performance package for the most demanding racing applications.

Setting its sights firmly on answering the extreme heat problems typical in off-road endurance racing, this cooling package features a new Setrab ProLine 9-series cooler with 80 rows — that's 66% more cooling than the next largest Setrab ProLine cooler.

Dual 1242cfm sealed-motor Spal fans keep the air moving wherever the FP980M22 is mounted. Rugged, integrated mounting is engineered to meet the demands of the most unrelenting off-road course. The shroud also includes an integrated mounting point for electrical relay installation.

Fan technical specifications

Part no. Width (in.) Height (in.) Depth (in.) Fan Weight (lbs.)
Core Total Core Total incl. fan    
FP980M22I-4P 14.25 16.00 24.50 25.50 4.75 2x 12V, 2484cfm 25.8