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Setrab ProLine Fanpack - FP634M22I with Series 6, 34 row Oil Cooler

Part No. FP634M22I
Original Price $700.35
Current Price $595.30

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Pound-for-pound, the FP634M22I is the middle-weight champ. Popular among racers for its high-output and low profile (even with its robust 708cfm sealed-motor Spal fan), the FP634M22I often lends its track-proven performance to the street as well.

Features Setrab ProLine 6-series 34-row cooler (p/n 50-634-7612).

Typical applications include:

  • High-HP engine oil cooler (EOC), 400-475HP
  • Automatic-transmission cooler
  • Offroad-racing vehicle manual-transmission cooler
  • Tow-vehicle automatic-transmission cooler
  • Motorcoach automatic-transmission cooler
  • Liquid heat-exchanger for closed-loop liquid intercooler system

Fan Technical Specifications

Installation Instructions

Part no. Width (in.) Height (in.) Depth (in.) Fan cfm Weight (lbs.)
Core Total Core Total incl. fan    
FP634M22I 11.38 12.99 10.25 10.60 4.38 12V, 708cfm 8.95