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Setrab ProLine Fanpack - FP160M22I with Series 1, 60 row Oil Cooler

Part No. FP160M22I
Original Price $892.50
Current Price $758.63

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A trifecta of cooling, the FP160M22I features three low-profile puller fans that turn the 60-row cooler into a versatile cooling solution for high-performance vehicles.

Tested on track-trim Corvettes, the narrow profile of the 1-series cooler makes this fanpack a great fit in space-conscious applications without sacrificing pressure or performance.


  • Low-profile 12V puller fans with IP56 sealed motors
  • 1-series Setrab ProLine STD oil cooler offers minimal pressure drop
  • 60 rows of cooling

Suggested applications

  • Mid/high-HP engine oil cooler (EOC)
  • High-HP auxiliary EOC
  • Automatic transmission oil cooler

Fan Technical Specifications

Part no. Width (in.) Height (in.) Depth (in.) Fan Weight (lbs.)
Core Total Core Total incl. fan    


6.50 8.27 18.31 18.66 4.38 12V, 1026cfm 13.5