Oiling System Components



sūsa HyperFlow Sandwich Adapter

sūsa ProLine AN Adapter Fittings sold separately

Built to perform from street to track, the sūsa HyperFlow Sandwich Adapter provides easy access for performance plumbing needs. Designed for performance, reliability, and integration with sūsa ProLine adapter fitting system.

Featuring a unique self-contained thermostatic oil valve, Setrab ProLine (M22) ports, and generous flow cavities, the cast-aluminum sūsa HyperFlow Sandwich Adapter is heavy on features and light on weight.

Naturally-open oil by-pass and built-in thermostatic oil valve allows vehicle to warm up to operating temperature before sending oil through to an oil cooler.

Sandwich oil filter adapters install between oil filter and oil filter landing for simple access of oil supply to install an oil cooler. For use with sūsa ProLine fittings and hose ends up to -12 size.

Installation instructions

Description Part Number
Filter nipple thread Port thread
M20x1.5 ProLine M22x1.5 19-SPT76-20-180-22
M22x1.5 ProLine M22x1.5 19-STP76-22-180-22
3/4-16 ProLine M22x1.5 19-SPT76-34-180-22

Service Items

Description Part Number
Gasket Service Kit 19-GSK-SPT76