Oiling System Components



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Remote Filter Components

AN adapter fittings sold separately
Fitment note: Will not accept AN16 size adapter fittings

Remote Filter Head

Remote filter head allows relocation of oil filter for convenient access and/or the installation of an oil cooler.

Mounting plate can be bolted to either side, and AN-adapter fittings (sold separately) can be relocated for multiple orientations, making for a highly-adaptable piece.

Filter mount designed for large-format spin-on oil filter canisters, e.g., Fram HP series racing oil filters.

Fitment note: ports will not accept AN16 size adapter fittings.

Installation instructions

Description Filter O-ring size Port Size Part Number
Filter nipple thread Min ID Max OD
13/16-16 2.40 in 3.50 in M22x1.5 18-RFHU13-22
M20x1.5 M22x1.5 18-RFHU20-22
M22x1.5 M22x1.5 18-RFHU22-22
3/4-16 M22x1.5 18-RFHU34-22




Shown with AN fittings (sold separately)

Oil Filter Take-off Plate

Take-off plates replace the stock oil filter at the oil filter housing, allowing installation of a remote oil filter. Female ports allow easy adaptation to AN fitting size of choice (sold separately: see p/n ProLine Adapter Fittings

Installation instructions

Description Part Number
Filter nipple thread Port Size
13/16-16 M22x1.5 18-TOP13-22
M20x1.5 M22x1.5 18-TOP20-22
M22x1.5 M22x1.5 18-TOP22-22
3/4-16 M22x1.5 18-TOP34-22