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sūsa ProLine STD Mounting Hardware

Threaded backing plate kit

Threaded steel backing plates fit perfectly under the mounting tabs on Setrab ProLine STD oil coolers and fanpacks for sturdy, vibration-reducing holding force.

While these components were designed and purpose-built for the Setrab oil cooler, they are also great in any fabrication project where durable and damped fastening is required or desired to provide better isolation from vibration, and harshness.

Kit includes four threaded backing plates, four rubber damping pads, and eight screws, suitable for attaching a bracket or user-determined mounting point to all four mounting tabs on a Setrab ProLine STD oil cooler or fanpack.

Description Fitment Part Number

susa ProLine STD Threaded Backing Plate Kit: 4-pack of threaded backing plates with rubber damping pads screws

All Setrab ProLine STD Oil Coolers and Fanpacks 23-BPSTD