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sūsa ProLine Port Adapters

Tight 90º adapter swivels full 360º

sūsa ProLine Port Adapters

This specialized port adapter fitting is designed to provide sturdy and compact 90º adaptation of the Setrab ProLine port. Fully-clockable 360º fitting accepts all sizes of AN connections (via sūsa ProLine AN adapter fittings, sold separately). Includes a 1/8”-27 NPT port for optional installation of a sending unit or eletrical accessory switch in place of port plug and and #8 threaded hole suitable for grounding single-pole senders.

Designed for maximal flow and adaptability in a sleek compact stature.

Produced in aircraft-quality aluminum and hard-anodized to stand up to the test of demanding performance environments, whether in a race environment or a high-performance street environment.

Installation Instructions

Items intended for off-road use only.

Description Dimensions Part Number
sūsa ProLine Port Adapter


Adaptable to –4 AN through –16 AN using sūsa ProLine AN Adapters

Elegance & Compatibility

Engineered for high flow volume and minimal restriction in a compact 90º bend, the sūsa ProLine Port Adapter complements the entire range of direct-port AN adapters for Setrab ProLine Oil Coolers.

Features signature ProLine captured o-ring sealing design for direct-port installation on all Setrab ProLine oil coolers.