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sūsa ProLine Banjo Fittings

Banjo bolt port design
offers maximum flow

sūsa ProLine Direct-port Adapter Fittings

sūsa ProLine banjo fittings install directly into Setrab ProLine oil coolers or any M22x1.5 port to offer the tightest 90º turn available in an AN adapter. The sūsa banjo fitting is clockable a full-360º after installation to help simplify even the most complicated plumbing problem.

Designed with incredibly generous porting to offer the greatest possible flow characteristics available in the most compact and versatile 90º connection.

Produced in aircraft-quality aluminum and hard-anodized to stand up to the test of demanding performance environments, whether in a race environment or a high-performance street environment.

Installation Instructions

Items intended for off-road use only.

AN Size Dimensions Part Number

AN06 banjo

AN08 banjo

AN10 banjo

AN12 banjo

Part #s shown (sold separately):
- 22-M22BJAN12-90 banjo fitting
- 22-AN12RU12-00 hose end
- 23-9002 mounting bracket set
- 50-920-7612 Setrab ProLine STD oil cooler

Elegance & Compatibility

Engineered for high flow volume and minimal restriction in the tightest 90º bend, the sūsa banjo fitting by design complements the entire range of sūsa hose ends, mounting bracketry, and accessories for the Setrab ProLine STD range of oil coolers.

Features signature ProLine captured o-ring sealing design for direct-port installation on all Setrab ProLine oil coolers.