Oiling System Components



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AN Dry-Break Fittings

High-flow, Bayonet-style Dry-Break Connections

Dry-break fittings offer the ultimate convenience for clean and quick changeover of fluid system components.

Internal Viton seals enable smooth 360º swivel between the AN connection and the bayonet dry-break mechanism, ensuring the threaded AN connections remain tight while engaging or disengaging dry-break components.

The sūsa dry-break collection is designed for maximum flow and minimum pressure-drop. Machined from billet aluminum and finished in durable anodizing, all dry-break fittings offer a high-grip knurled pattern for easy handling.

AN Size Images Part Number
–6 13-DB-HF1-0606-A-B
–8 13-DB-HF1-0808-A-A
–10 13-DB-HF1-1010-A-B
–12 13-DB-HF1-1212-A-A