Oiling System Components



sūsa ProLine Direct-Port System

Setrab pioneered the direct-port oil cooler fitting with the ProLine adapter system, offering a high-quality connection and unparalleled adaptability.

ProLine AN Adapter Fittings

Angle AN Size Part Number  
00º -4 22-M22AN04-SE
-6 22-M22AN06-SE
-8 22-M22AN08-SE
-10 22-M22AN10-SE
-12 22-M22AN12-SE
-16 22-M22AN16-SE
45º -6 22-M22AN06-45
-8 22-M22AN08-45
-10 22-M22AN10-45
-12 22-M22AN12-45
90º -6 22-M22AN06-90
-8 22-M22AN08-90
-10 22-M22AN10-90
-12 22-M22AN12-90

ProLine BSP Adapter Fittings

Angle BSP Size Part Number  
00º 3/8" 22-M22BSP38-00
1/2" 22-M22BSP12-00
5/8" 22-M22BSP58-00
3/4" 22-M22BSP34-00

ProLine Banjo AN Adapter Fittings

Banjo fittings offer the tightest 90º-turn available. SUSA ProLine Banjo Fittings orient 360º and are produced from aircraft-quality aluminum, with hard-anodized finishing to ensure positive hose-end connection characteristics.

Angle AN Size Part Number
90º -6 22-M22BJAN06-90
-8 22-M22BJAN08-90
-10 22-M22BJAN10-90
-12 22-M22BJAN12-90

AN06 banjo

AN08 banjo

AN10 banjo

AN12 banjo

ProLine Metric Adapter Fittings

Angle Metric Size Part Number  
00º M26 22-M22M26-SE
M30 22-M22M30-SE

ProLine Plugs

Male End Part Number  
M22x1.5 Setrab ProLine Plug 22-M22

ProLine Bushings

Male End Bushing Port Part Number  
M22x1.5 Setrab ProLine Port NPT 1/8" 22-M22NPT18
M18 22-M22M18
M16 22-M22M16
M14 22-M22M14

ProLine PushLock Hose Ends

Angle AN Size Part Number  
00º -6 22-M22PL06-00
-8 22-M22PL08-00
-10 22-M22PL10-00
-12 22-M22PL12-00
45º -6 22-M22PL06-45
-8 22-M22PL08-45
-10 22-M22PL10-45
-12 22-M22PL12-45
90º -6 22-M22PL06-90
-8 22-M22PL08-90
-10 22-M22PL10-90
-12 22-M22PL12-90

ProLine ReUsable Hose Ends

Angle AN Size Part Number  
00º -6 22-M22RU06-00
-8 22-M22RU08-00
-10 22-M22RU10-00
-12 22-M22RU12-00
45º -6 22-M22RU06-45
-8 22-M22RU08-45
-10 22-M22RU10-45
-12 22-M22RU12-45
90º -6 22-M22RU06-90
-8 22-M22RU08-90
-10 22-M22RU10-90
-12 22-M22RU12-90

ProLine Wiggins Adapters

Part Number Wiggins size Tube size  
22-M22WGN08-00 -8 1/2"
22-M22WGN10-00 -10 5/8"
22-M22WGN12-00 -12 3/4"
22-M22WGN16-00 -16 1"