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Setrab USA Sales Conditions

Setrab USA (SUSA) is a traditional distribution model component manufacturer. Traditional distribution has historically relied on Distributors, Jobbers, and Dealers to stock product, identify customers, and purvey product. SUSA will determine offers of sale to Distributors, Jobbers, and Dealers based upon a thorough application and investigation process. Volume purchasing ability is only one category of qualification.

SUSA products present value and quality. Dealer discounting of SUSA components is not necessary and is strongly discouraged. SUSA endeavors to identify the type firms that can offer strong customer service along with our products. SUSA firmly asserts—and decades of experience edify—that it is not necessary to purchase customers by discounting our products.

SUSA Distributors

SUSA Distributors are identified as regional and/or national multi-brand stock-holding entities endeavoring to attract and service multiple Dealers within their market(s).

SUSA Distributor responsibilities:

  1. meeting minimum order requirements
  2. meeting annual purchasing requirements
  3. maintaining adequate inventory to account for market demand
  4. educating and policing up-channel regarding product and pricing

SUSA Jobbers/Dealers

SUSA identifies Jobbers/Dealers as local and/or regional multi-brand retailers endeavoring to attract end-use customers within an identifiable market scope. SUSA Jobbers/Dealers may deal directly with SUSA or through a SUSA Distributor. SUSA will offer any and all customer service and technical assistance to its Jobber/Dealer regardless of direct or indirect relationship status.

SUSA Jobber/Dealer responsibilities:

  1. maintaining adequate inventory for market segment
  2. marketing to and educating end user
  3. maintaining brand value in pricing (minimum advertised pricing should be no less than 10% from MSRP...our RACER pricing level).

While the responsibilities listed above are by no means inclusive of all common responsibilities of the successful Distributor/Jobber/Dealer, compliance and professional representation of our brand will ensure uninterrupted customer service and ensure we remain the viable supplier you have come to expect.